Get Involved!

Too often blogs are all ‘me me me’. While I love creating dishes and writing The Fresh Fresher, the thing I love most about blogging is the responses I get from other people.

So if you’ve tweeted me, commented on a post, or sent me a picture, here is where you’ll find it – proudly displayed for the world to see. If you want to contribute to the blog in any way, see my Contact page. For more Fresher ideas, check out the StudentRecipes Blog.

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Emily's Piri Piri Chicken

Emily’s Piri Piri Chicken

@emilycantdance said:

‘Just finished my @theFreshFresher piri piri chicken. Absolutely delicious!’

@SweetnSvry said:

‘What a cool site! Love it :)’





@milk_honey said:

”I shove dukkah on just about everything. Love this stuff. Yours sounds divine.’

@skinny_sweets_d said:

‘BTW, I love your blog. Great pics. Just beautiful!’




IMG_0082script@lolapop1 said: ‘I quite often skip breakfast but tend to visit the gym during lunch so the mini omelettes could be perfect!!’

@kirstienccrum said: ‘I’ve really enjoyed your blog so far, keep up the good work!’

@northsouthfood said: ‘even told my mum about it!’ – a fan of the Garlic Bread Salad!

@GradgirlUK said ‘Check out the great advice at @thefreshfresher, her freshers survival kit is genius!’ (You can read all about the Freshers’ Survival Kit here at

About ‘The Truth About Food Blogging‘:

@PlanetBakeLife said: ‘Amy’s article kicks ass! She’s fantastic.’

@cffoodproject said: ‘LOVE this!’


One thought on “Get Involved!

  1. Totes stand by my comment in everyway possible. I love this idea!

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