Measurement-Free Porridge Making

You may think porridge is boring, but a few things about porridge oats might just surprise you yet. Everyone’s grandma has told them that porridge contains fibre, slow burning energy and vitamins, but oats also contain protein and omega-3 too. There aren’t many better ways to start the day, and what’s more, they do far more for those ‘friendly bacteria’ than probiotic drinks.

And that’s just the health stuff. Porridge is cheap, filling and, if you do it right, delicious. However, it can be a little bit of a faff. Nobody wants to measure out oats and milk when they’re getting ready in a state of semi-consciousness, then stand over the hob stirring when you could be cleaning your teeth. You could buy the pre-made sachets, but trying to measure out liquid in a flimsy container often means you end up with the wrong amount. And don’t get me started on those ridiculously expensive microwavable pots.

So here is an easy, faff-free solution: porridge in a mug. Mugs are both portion-sized and portable, so you can simple carry it around with you as you get ready. You could even transfer it to a container and eat breakfast on the go (though good breakfasts should really be savoured).

Porridge in a Mug (serves 1)

Quick-cook porridge oats



Any toppings – honey, nuts, fruit, jam, cocoa, the list goes on!

1 microwavable mug

1. Pour oats into your mug until it is half full. Top up with water, milk, or a mixture of both, with a little room left at the top (porridge tends to expand while cooking).

2. Microwave according to packet instructions. This usually requires 1 minute cooking, then a quick stir, then another minute on full power.

3. Add your toppings and enjoy!

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