Farewell Summer: Sundried Tomato and Halloumi Stacks

Seasonal food is great – more taste, less carbon footprint, less to pay. However, sometimes I am (still) a bit reluctant to let go of summer and embrace the fruits of autumn, delicious as they are. This year, I had to have one last hurrah. Especially as my hopes for an ‘Indian summer’ were dashed!

The sunshine cheeses of France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus can always inject a bit of summer into a meal. Halloumi in particular is becoming more popular in the UK, so naturally I had to feature it on The Fresh Fresher.

Like Skinny Sloppy Joes, these ‘stacks’ (aka, burgers under a pretentious name) are my mum’s idea. After having one at the Red River Inn in Cornwall, she was so enthused that she put me to work on our own version. Slave labour Helpful daughter that I am, I came up with this.

Sundried Tomato and Halloumi Stacks (serves 2)

1 pack of halloumi

2 bread rolls or burger buns

2 sundried tomatoes

1 red pepper

1 flat mushroom

4 tbsp plain yoghurt

4 leaves of fresh mint and/or lemon juice

IMG_05371. Slice the mushroom and pepper lengthways. Take two flat pieces of pepper and each half of the mushroom and pan-fry on a high heat until soft and slightly charred. Place to one side.

2. Cut the rolls in half and lightly toast under the grill. Meanwhile, slice the halloumi in half lengthways (if this is too much for you, try slicing into thirds and save the rest for another time) and pan fry until soft and golden brown, turning occassionally.

3. Finely chop the mint leaves and mix into the yoghurt. Add a squeeze of lemon juice if desired.


4. To assemble, take the bottom of a roll, add a sundried tomato, the halloumi, the

mushroom and the pepper. Top with the other half of the roll. Serve with the yoghurt and a fresh green salad.

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